My School Bag

Tired of not having the right tools to stay organised for your loved ones. Why don't you try "my school bag"

Easy to schedule dates and things needed to be done on those days.

Stay up to date with push notifications alerting you to get the right things in your bag.

Finish homework on time and stay connected with faculties and institutions who connect via this app. Updates straight to your phone via the schools in charge. Easy to use and an absolute must for all parents to track progress and to stay connected with all the teachers.

Features & Cool Stuff
  • synchronize data between all your devices
  • optimized for phones and tablets
  • easily save your lessons, tasks and holidays
  • view your timetable as list and as grid
  • search in your timetable and tasks
  • notifications for lessons and tomorrows tasks
Look out for more from our School App Collectioncoming soon!