TO CHANGE THE WORLD YOU MUST NOT ONLY SEE WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT BUT ALSO KNOW WHAT TO DO TO  CORRECT IT.  Inspiration Life Power Strength Technology Thoughts by November 10, 2018

There is alot of presumption when someone tells you they will pray for you Anger Ego Emotion Life Spiritual Thoughts by October 23, 2018

A change that comes naturally will persist over one that is forced.  Life Negativity Thoughts Time Values by September 29, 2018

If you can take the risk of change, you will gain the benefit of chance Courage Fear Inspiration Progress Thoughts by September 1, 2018

When someone can’t beat you they will criticize you Cowardly Effort Ego Fear Negativity Power Progress Success Thoughts by August 31, 2018

AN ACTION THAT HAS A GOAL… IS AN ACTION THAT HAS AN END. ACTIONS THAT HAVE NO GOAL… WILL CONTINUE FOREVER. Friendship Inspiration Kindness Life Thoughts Time Values by August 26, 2018

I think that humans created god. And then at some point started to believe that God created them.  Life Mind Thoughts by June 23, 2018

If words could heal… Then wouldn’t we all be doctors.  Emotion Kindness Life Thoughts by May 30, 2018

Sometimes you can lose your own smile by putting smiles on others faces.  Emotion Friendship Kindness Life Thoughts Values by May 21, 2018


Sometimes you just have to press the reset button Emotion Life Progress Thoughts by May 16, 2018

ON A GOOD DAY YOU MIGHT EVEN SMILE AT YOUR ENEMY Anger Emotion Life Strength Thoughts by April 21, 2018

DOUBT IS CREATED BY THE MIND THAT CANNOT BELIEVE Inspiration Mind Power Thoughts by March 7, 2018

greed does not destroy the thing you desire. it will only destroy your desire for it  Ego Emotion Life Mind Negativity Thoughts Values by February 27, 2018

do not look for reasons to be proud of your country, find a way to do something that brings pride to your country. Ego Inspiration Life Spiritual Success Thoughts Values by January 26, 2018

to advocate you must believe. to believe you must accept. to accept you must understand. to understand you must know. to know you must open your mind. Mind Thoughts Time by January 8, 2018

if you forget from where you started, you will never be able to measure your success Progress Success Thoughts Values by December 25, 2017

i believe in all good there is evil and in all evil there is good  Life Thoughts by November 21, 2017

more often than not…. when someone say’s that they can’t do something, it’s because they probably don’t want to do it. Effort Mind Thoughts by November 17, 2017

cinema glorifies violence. Thoughts by November 9, 2017

it’s easy to stand on the shoulders of a giant and think you can touch the skies. just don’t forget that your feet dont touch the ground. Ego Life Power Thoughts by November 1, 2017

You can’t blame people for the mistakes you make. you can blame them for the mistakes they make that affect you. Emotion Life Spiritual Strength Thoughts by October 24, 2017