The more the path is used… the wider it gets. Inspiration Life Progress Strength Success Technology Time by

Sometimes you just have to press the reset button Emotion Life Progress Thoughts by

when people try to build walls to impede you, it’s important you first knock down those people and then knock down the walls Life Power Progress Strength by

if you forget from where you started, you will never be able to measure your success Progress Success Thoughts Values by

a new day is a another opportunity to do what you could not do yesterday. make today count so tomorrow has better opportunities. Effort Progress Time by

I have been blessed with a friend who dedicates the hours in his day to increase the hours in mine. Effort Friendship Life Progress Strength Success Time by

With all the technology in our life we should not forget that we live in an analogue world. Life Progress by

If there is enough potential and goodness within then one can bloom not matter what environment they stem. take the lotus for example. Effort Inspiration Kindness Life Motivational Progress Spiritual Strength Success by

Sometimes you have to wipe the board clean and start over.  Life Progress by

If your not ready to change…. be ready to live in the past Progress by

When you need to, have to and want to do something you will find that it’s really simple to do it. Motivational Progress by

Do more, Get more, Live more. Motivational Progress by

When you win remember it’s not just about how many people you put behind you… but also the people behind you. Motivational Progress Success by

Progress needs change. Motivational Progress Success by