There is alot of presumption when someone tells you they will pray for you.  Anger Ego Emotion Life Spiritual Thoughts by October 23, 2018

If words could heal… Then wouldn’t we all be doctors.  Emotion Kindness Life Thoughts by May 30, 2018

Sometimes you can lose your own smile by putting smiles on others faces.  Emotion Friendship Kindness Life Thoughts Values by May 21, 2018

Sometimes you just have to press the reset button Emotion Life Progress Thoughts by May 16, 2018

ON A GOOD DAY YOU MIGHT EVEN SMILE AT YOUR ENEMY Anger Emotion Life Strength Thoughts by April 21, 2018

greed does not destroy the thing you desire. it will only destroy your desire for it  Ego Emotion Life Mind Negativity Thoughts Values by February 27, 2018

You can’t blame people for the mistakes you make. you can blame them for the mistakes they make that affect you. Emotion Life Spiritual Strength Thoughts by October 24, 2017

Sometimes you have to show people the reality of life even if its harsh, hoping they will have a realization and wake up from their misconceptions. Emotion Fear Friendship Inspiration Life Motivational Spiritual Strength by October 13, 2017