IT IS NOT RIGHT TO DISLIKE WHAT IS UNLIKE US. BUT IT IS RIGHT TO DISLIKE WHAT IS LIKLY TO HURT US.  Anger Courage Friendship Kindness Life Positivity Progress Strength Values by July 31, 2019

YOUR POWER IS ONLY A POWER WHEN YOU CAN CONTROL IT.  IF IT’S UNCONTROLLABLE… THEN IT’S NOT YOUR POWER.  Anger Courage Cowardly Ego Emotion Fear Life Mind Negativity Positivity Power Strength Thoughts by March 22, 2019

There is alot of presumption when someone tells you they will pray for you Anger Ego Emotion Life Spiritual Thoughts by October 23, 2018

ON A GOOD DAY YOU MIGHT EVEN SMILE AT YOUR ENEMY Anger Emotion Life Strength Thoughts by April 21, 2018