cinema glorifies violence. Thoughts by November 9, 2017

it’s easy to stand on the shoulders of a giant and think you can touch the skies. just don’t forget that your feet dont touch the ground. Ego Life Power Thoughts by November 1, 2017

Those that do not have the capability to make thier own… will take what belongs to others. Effort Life by October 31, 2017

You can’t blame people for the mistakes you make. you can blame them for the mistakes they make that affect you. Emotion Life Spiritual Strength Thoughts by October 24, 2017

Money is a good tool to judge someone’s character. Life Mind Money by October 23, 2017

With all the technology in our life we should not forget that we live in an analogue world. Life Progress by October 22, 2017

No amount of passion or talent will help you rise without guts. Courage Effort Fear Life Mind Motivational Power Success by October 16, 2017

If there is enough potential and goodness within then one can bloom not matter what environment they stem. take the lotus for example. Effort Inspiration Kindness Life Motivational Progress Spiritual Strength Success by October 16, 2017

People don’t like me when i stop giving a shit! Kindness Life by October 16, 2017

If you are the one who is going to be paying for your mistakes then there is no harm in making them Effort Fear Life by October 13, 2017

Sometimes you have to show people the reality of life even if its harsh, hoping they will have a realization and wake up from their misconceptions. Emotion Fear Friendship Inspiration Life Motivational Spiritual Strength by October 13, 2017

First they admire you. Then they try to be like you. Then they think they are better than you. That’s when they have forgotten who they are.  Ego Inspiration Life by October 13, 2017

Sometimes you have to wipe the board clean and start over.  Life Progress by October 9, 2017

There are some people who the more you educate and give knowledge…. the more they believe you are the one who is ignorant Effort Ego Kindness Life by October 9, 2017

People who cannot run as fast as you or as far as you will stop and tell you that you are running in the wrong direction. Effort Fear Life Strength Success by October 6, 2017

It’s the people who can’t and are to scared to try that sit back and complain and judge people who try. Effort Ego Fear Strength by October 6, 2017

We dont keep doormen because we cant move open doors. Effort Ego by October 6, 2017

Do not mistake my method of inclusion as my weakness Strength by September 27, 2017

People will use you then abuse you and shamelessly walk away. Not because they can but because you let them.  Ego Friendship Spiritual by September 27, 2017

I have patience, I do not have time.  Success by September 27, 2017

If your not ready to change…. be ready to live in the past Progress by September 26, 2017

It’s when you practice what you preach that your words hold more value Spiritual by September 22, 2017

When you need to, have to and want to do something you will find that it’s really simple to do it. Motivational Progress by September 19, 2017

I have great respect for people who can do anything I cannot do. Inspiration by September 19, 2017

You will find that when pleasure and desire ends, love ends too. Uncategorized by September 19, 2017

I have never believed that the grass is greener on the other side. I always believed that if you want greener grass you have to grow it. Motivational Success by September 19, 2017

Do more, Get more, Live more. Motivational Progress by September 19, 2017

When you win remember it’s not just about how many people you put behind you… but also the people behind you. Motivational Progress Success by September 19, 2017

Progress needs change. Motivational Progress Success by September 19, 2017

Show me a successful king and i will show you a hundred fallen warriors Motivational Success by September 19, 2017